Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Effective Monitoring and Alerting" By Stawek Ligus, 1st Edition.

The art of monitoring and alerting

The main audiences for this book are system operators and system/network administrators who work extensively with monitoring and plan alerting configurations that strive to maintain high availability and deliver a high quality of service at the lowest cost.

The first chapter of the book is an introduction that explains the concept and definition of monitoring and alerting and the following chapters discuss monitoring, alerting, scale, monitoring in system automation, work environment, measure success, and principles. The author’s writing style is clear, informative, and practical. I was worried that the content would be dry but I have to admit that the information was interesting and engaging. The only real issue I had with the book was that there is no index.

Although this book is recommended for system operators and system/network administrators, I believe that anyone in information technology can benefit from it.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers" By Justin Seitz, 1st Edition.

Gray Hat Python for Windows

In my career, Python was the first programming language that I have learned.  I then learned programming in Java and C++.   I looked back to Python for it’s simplicity and versatility.  That is why I decided to pick up this book to learn what Python can do in hacking and reverse engineering since that is something I am interested in.

The author’s writing style is clear, direct, and mature.  The format of the book is clean and well structured which makes it easier to maneuver.  The problem I had with the book was that the code in the book is unreliable.  The code in the book and the code in the website do not match.  Also, the book is Windows oriented which may be a disappointment for some people.

Overall, there was an abundance of valuable information in the book that grabbed my attention such as fuzzing and the debugging.  The book covers a lot of subjects such as debugging, hooking, code injection, and more.  The author does a very good job with consolidating the information in the book.