Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Regular Expressions Cookbook" By Jan Goyvaerts & Steven Levithan, 2nd Edition.

The ultimate regular expressions cheat sheet

The authors say it best when they say that the book is intended for those who:

regularly work with text on a computer, whether that’s searching through a pile of documents, manipulating text in a text editor, or developing software that needs to search through or manipulate text.

The first three chapters of this book cover useful tools, basic regular expression skills, and programming with regular expressions.  Chapters 4 through 9 contain the practical regular expressions recipes.  The programming languages that are covered in this book are C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and VB.NET.  Every recipe that is in the book has solutions and explanations for all eight languages.
The recipes are organized and easy to look up.  For example, finding regular expressions that deal with validation, words, lines, URLs, and etc can be easily located in the table of contents.  The author’s tone is straightforward, direct, and informative.  This is not the kind of book where you read from start to finish, but rather a book where you just skim through to find the recipe that you need in whatever given situation.

With all the languages that the book covers, there are just too many languages to put into a single book.  I feel as though instead of having a book with all the languages, it would be better to have a book with a single language.  However, I must give praise on how well the authors were able to consolidate detailed solutions in 8 programming languages.

For everything that the book is and everything that it covers, the book offers a lot of information at a bargain.  If you work with regular expressions and need a reference book, this book is definitely the way to go.

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