Friday, September 7, 2012

"Ubuntu Made Easy: A Project-Based Introduction to Linux" By Rickford Grant and Phil Bull, 1st Edition.

How-to Ubuntu

Do you want to install an operating system on your computer without having to pay for one?  Are you tired of spending money on programs and applications?  Do you want to experience something new and stand out amongst the sea of people who use Windows operating systems or Mac operating systems?  If you answered yes to any or all of the questions, a Linux operating system is the solution for you.

This book is the complete package to dive into the Linux world and what better Linux operating system to get started with than Ubuntu?   Ubuntu is a great choice since it is very user friendly, pleasant to the eyes, and stable.  The book comes with a version 12.04 Ubuntu CD that is both a live CD and an install CD.  Booting the computer in live CD mode allows the user to experience Ubuntu without actually installing Ubuntu on the computer.  Booting the computer in install CD mode gives you the ability to install Ubuntu onto your computer.

When you install Ubuntu onto your computer or boot your computer in Ubuntu live mode, following along with the book will be an incredible adventure.  The book will guide you from installing Ubuntu on your computer to using the command line to troubleshooting common problems that might come up when using Ubuntu.  The author does a fantastic job in maneuvering you through the book with detailed step by step instructions and screenshots from beginning to end.  As you go through the book, you will encounter programs such as LibreOffice, Nautilus, GIMP, and Rythmbox and be able to use them.

This book is designed for users who are new to the Linux world but those who have experience with Linux can also use this book as a refresher.  For anyone interested in using Linux, this book is absolutely a must.

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