Monday, October 22, 2012

"Cisco Routers for the Desperate: Router and Switch Management, the Easy Way" By Michael Lucas, 1st Edition.

Quick startup guide for Cisco routers

This book is ideal for people who are network administrators for a small business or if you need something to reinforce your CCENT or CCNA studies. The format of the book is well structured so that you can easily follow along with the examples. The author's style is clear, direct, and straight to the point.

The book covers a variety of different topics such as how to get a router up and running, router interfaces, WAN connections, troubleshooting routers, how to enable SSH, how to upgrade the IOS on a router, and etc. In my opinion, there are little bits and pieces of missing information that should be included. For example, the book explains how to enable telnet and SSH but does not explain how to telnet or SSH into your router. Also, it would be nice to recommend software that you can use to establish telnet and SSH sessions. The same could be said about the chapter dealing with IOS changes. In the chapter, it explains how to copy files to the router but does not explain how to copy files from the router. The chapter explains how to copy over files over FTP and SCP but there are other methods that can be used to copy over files such as TFTP. The book is called "Cisco Routers for the Desperate: Router and Switch Management, the Easy Way" however there is only six pages dealing with Cisco switches. There should be more information about Cisco switches to have included "Switch Management" in the title.

If you are looking for a quick crash course to Cisco routers, this book is meant for you.

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