Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Windows PowerShell for Developers" By Douglas Finke, 1st Edition.

A great book for PowerShell developers

This book is meant for anyone who wants to know more about PowerShell, however this book is not a beginner’s guide.  It is recommended that the target audience for this book to be experienced developers or IT professionals.

The first chapter of the book gives a brief introduction to PowerShell and gives you an overview of what PowerShell is and why we would use it.  From that point on, the chapters cover a variety of different subjects such as imbedding PowerShell into C# apps, building GUIs, writing little languages in PowerShell, and many more.  The first two chapters of the book are an introduction and then from chapter three and beyond you jump right into the fun.

The author’s writing style is clear, informative, and mature.  I was able to navigate through the book from start to finish with ease.  The sample codes are easy to read and identify.  The book gives you a link to their website to give you the option to download all the sample codes in the book.  In my opinion, typing the sample code as you go along with the book is the best way to learn.

The only issue I had with the book was that it did not include an index.  Not having an index makes it hard to use the book as a reference book. This book is definitely a must if you want to learn more about PowerShell.

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