Friday, May 1, 2015

“The GNU Make Book” By John Graham-Cumming, 1st Edition.

 The definitive GNU Make book

GNU Make is an automation tool for software builds. With that said, this book is intended for readers who have experience working in a Linux or Mac OS X environment, experience with programming, know what GNU Make is, and how they can use it to their advantage. If you are new to GNU Make, I recommend that you read up on GNU Make and work with it a little first before reading this book to better grasp the concept.

The author does well in explaining and elaborating the content. The code is easy to read and to follow along. The pages are structured well so that you can easily distinguish what is code and what is text. Here is a list of topics discussed in the book:
  • A thorough rundown of the basics of variables, rules, targets, and makefiles.
  • Fix wastefully long build times and other common problems.
  • Gain insight into more advanced capabilities.
  • Master user-define functions, variables, and path handling.
  • Weigh the pitfalls and advantages of GNU make parallelization.
  • Handle automatic dependency generation, rebuilding, and non-recursive make.
  • Modify the GNU Make source and take advantage of the GNU Make Standard Library.
  • Create makefile assertions and debug makefiles.
Overall, this is a great GNU Make book that has a lot of useful content from a highly credible author.

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