Friday, August 21, 2015

“Data Visualization with JavaScript ” By Stephen A. Thomas, 1st Edition.

Data visualization with JavaScript for websites

Just a fair warning, you should be somewhat familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as this book is designed to teach you how to create a wide range of data visualizations for websites. So what is data visualization? Data visualization is an effective way to convey numerical data into something that viewers can quickly interpret such as pie graphs, line graphs, and etc.

The text is detailed, well structured, and easy to follow. The visualization examples are simple and straightforward. The colors used in the visualization examples and source codes are vivid, vibrant, and appealing to the eye. The author also includes a website where you can obtain all of the source codes used in the book.

Overall, this is an excellent reference if you are looking for data visualization codes to implement into your web pages.

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